Exceptional Residential Fencing


Professional Grade Vinyl

Some of the advantages of residential vinyl fencing are high visibility and easy customization. Contact  Dependable Fence for a FREE estimate on all of the materials you need to install your new vinyl fencing yourself or let us do the installation for you.

Vinyl Fencing Includes

  • Privacy fencing options
  • Easy to install
  • Lattice tops
  • Scalloped tops
  • Closed or open pickets
  • Rails available
  • New England caps


The Natural Beauty of Wood Fences

 If you live in or near a wooded area, you might prefer the look of natural, wooden fencing instead of bright white vinyl or aluminum fencing. Cedar fencing blends naturally into your landscaping while also providing strength. Wood can be customized easily. Contact Dependable Fence today to explore your options.

Custom Fences, Posts, and Tops

  • Highland fence
  • Scalloped flat boards
  • Gothic style
  • Spaced dog-eared
  • Stockade on pressure treated posts
  • Flat board with square lattice top
  • Diamond rails


Strong Aluminum Fencing

 Most fencing companies agree that aluminum is just about the best option for fencing. It stands up to the wettest weather, doesn't rust, is very strong, and is easy for contractors like Dependable Fence to work with. Aluminum fencing designs can be simple or decorative making it one of the best choices available! Contact us today.

Aluminum Fencing Includes

  • Panels
  • Gates
  • Arch gates
  • Custom fitting
  • Pool Enclosures


Durable Chain-Link

 Chain-link fencing is one of the best options available because it can be installed almost anywhere, can withstand the strongest winds and weather, and is one of the least expensive materials available. Chain link fencing keeps kids and pets in your backyard and needs almost no maintenance. Contact us today for all your chain link fencing needs.

Chain Link Fences Are Great For:

  • Commercial and residential locations
  • Schools
  • Warehouses
  • Parking lots
  • Common areas in apartment complexes